Intro to Database Systems - Fall 2018

Instructor: Joe Hellerstein


Q: Is it true that all lectures will be online this fall?

A: Yes, (except for the first lecture)! Based on low attendance in prior semesters, we are experimenting with online delivery for CS186 this fall: hence the CS w186 course number.

Q: Where will course material be made available? What will be included?

A: Course material is available on EdX at this site (signup required). It includes regular releases of:

  • Video lectures, with slides designed and narrated by Prof. Hellerstein.
    • Each lecture includes simple but required interactive Exercises to reinforce material.
  • Optional discussion section Worksheets.
  • Required Vitamins (simple quizzes)
  • Required Homeworks that involve programming in SQL and Java within a Docker environment.

Q: I am not yet able to enroll (waitlist, concurrent enrollment, etc). What can I do to get in?

A: In a course this big, we cannot consider requests for individual treatment. So we will let the campus policies play out. Interested students are invited to sign up for the edX course, work through the first few lectures, begin homeworks, and wait to see if they can get in.

Q: Are the usual Berkeley add/drop policies in place?

A: Yes. The Add/Drop deadline is September 15: the middle of week 4.

Q: Are students outside Berkeley able to enroll?

A: Enrollment is open to the public via UC Berkeley Extension (concurrent enrollment), subject to enrollment caps. UC Berkeley degree students have enrollment priority in all courses. In future we hope to open this course to the general public as an edX MOOC.